LIANE folding table set in natural wood, limited edition unique contemporary design by jacobsroom for contract restaurant private, tangram collection, extendable table, wood cuts and insertions, outdoor and indoor

The LIANE tables have an adaptive spirit inspired by their name. Designed as a set of 3 folding tables where the shape and design of the surfaces changes while still fitting against one another as perfectly as jigsaw pieces, LIANE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Each table can serve as a unique […]


PHELIE wall rack entrance wardrobe mirror in natural wood with color decors bronze mirror limited edition design by jacobsroom white mauve

PHELIE is a wall rack and mirror which is suited to any room. On its three horizontal bars, hangers can be arranged at individual distances and heights to hold clothes, hats or bags. Whether used as an entrance-hall wardrobe for the family or as an individual dressing facility, its wooden box and shelf are perfect […]


Ray modular side table five single tables limited edition contemporary minimal tangram collection design by jacobsroom

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