The LIANE tables have an adaptive spirit inspired by their name.

Designed as a set of 3 folding tables where the shape and design of the surfaces changes
while still fitting against one another as perfectly as jigsaw pieces, LIANE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Each table can serve as a unique single piece or be arranged in sets of two or more.
Like a necklace, new pieces can be added to create the desired length.

The tables are both slender and solid, lightweight and resistant.
Each individual table can be folded up and stored comfortably using very little space.
The marine wood has a natural but highly protective finish and is easy to maintain.

Threaded in a line, Liane can grow as long as desired, like a trailing plant in the woods.
The meshes, patterns and lines of the table tops evoke vivid sensations of Baobab forests where sun and summer wind play with leaves and shadows.