SHINE powder coated white living room & studio table in metal contemporary limited edition design by jacobsroom

SHINE is a limited edition living room & studio table which is part of our CELESTINE collection. Shine is inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino’s short story “t zero”, in which he attempts to “look at time in the same tangible way in which we see space… every second, every fraction of time is a […]


JEUX LED light white wall light lamp applique decor limited edition minimal contemporary design by jacobsroom

Inspired by the magnificent shape of a fan, Jeux is a new limited-edition LED wall lamp that will effortlessly complement a minimalist or contemporary interior. Fashioned of super thin metal foil folded like an origami, its singular shape creates a striking three-dimensional interplay of lights and shadows for a superb one-off design. Shop here


ALHENA extendable side table metal coral peach powder coated minimal contemporary limited edition unique design by jacobsroom, 120 to 160 cm, abstract graphical

ALHENA is a limited edition extendable side table which is part of our CELESTINE collection. Its abstract shape takes inspiration from an evocative celestial body: the bright star Alhena, which is located at the left foot of the Gemini constellation. The name Alhena comes from the Arabic word الهنعه (Al Han’ah), usually translated as a […]


O wall cabinet cutomizable sizes limited edition unique contemporary minimal abstract graphical design by jacobsroom, slate white black

O is a limited edition wooden wall cabinet. Its striking facade means it makes a stunning decorative addition to any room, its bold design disguising its function as a storage space. This bathroom version is ideal for tidily storing towels and toiletries in a single easily-accessible place. O is made using recycled wood and has […]


Noah in- & outdoor chaise longue unmountable and easy to stow, limited edition design by jacobsroom

NOAH is a hardwearing, lightweight chaise longue with a powder-coated steel frame that is as welcoming as a hammock and versatile enough to make an ideal easy chair or a perfect sun lounger for the pool. NOAH evokes a relaxing holiday mood – a warm, liberating invitation to abandon yourself to its protective embrace. NOAH’s […]


LIANE folding table set in natural wood, limited edition unique contemporary design by jacobsroom for contract restaurant private, tangram collection, extendable table, wood cuts and insertions, outdoor and indoor

The LIANE tables have an adaptive spirit inspired by their name. Designed as a set of 3 folding tables where the shape and design of the surfaces changes while still fitting against one another as perfectly as jigsaw pieces, LIANE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Each table can serve as a unique […]


PHELIE wall rack entrance wardrobe mirror in natural wood with color decors bronze mirror limited edition design by jacobsroom white mauve

PHELIE is a wall rack and mirror which is suited to any room. On its three horizontal bars, hangers can be arranged at individual distances and heights to hold clothes, hats or bags. Whether used as an entrance-hall wardrobe for the family or as an individual dressing facility, its wooden box and shelf are perfect […]

CADENCE light sculpture

Cadence light sculpture ceiling lamp led light shaped from folded metal mesh abstract contemporary art design by jacobsroom

Cadence takes its inspiration from the cadenza, an improvised ornamental solo played on a musical instrument or sung. In Cadence, light is sculpted by a delicate metal mesh which is doubled over on itself in a composition that allows LEDs or natural illumination to produce a continuously changing play of patterns. Suspended from the ceiling, […]