At the edge of a cliff you experience true equilibrium

Trapeze is a high-end multifunctional wall unit that leans out at 15° from vertical to provide extra space.
The sliding doors and drawers hidden in its surface allow household appliances to be invisibly stowed without disturbing its sleek, minimalist lines.

Made of certificated ecological wood and with a special tinted oak veneer, its asymmetrical features evoke vistas of rock faces and mountains.
Trapeze’s doors slide open to reveal an oven, a TV screen, or whatever else you wish, as well as hangers and racks for bikes and laundry which can be pulled out. The sunken diagonal grooves in Trapeze’s surface serve both to highlight the unit’s aesthetic and to serve as handles for doors and drawers.

Trapeze can be installed as a wall unit for kitchens as well as for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.
Its sloping shape represents an extremely efficient way of adding storage space without compromising on aesthetic appeal.
Conceived of as a secret space for hiding household necessities, Trapeze leaves the eye free to revel in the pleasures of its materials and design.

Trapeze is 2018 HONOREE of Interior Design Magazine, NYC.