SHINE powder coated white living room & studio table in metal contemporary limited edition design by jacobsroom

SHINE is a limited edition living room & studio table which is part of our CELESTINE collection. Shine is inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino’s short story “t zero”, in which he attempts to “look at time in the same tangible way in which we see space… every second, every fraction of time is a […]


ALHENA extendable side table metal coral peach powder coated minimal contemporary limited edition unique design by jacobsroom, 120 to 160 cm, abstract graphical

ALHENA is a limited edition extendable side table which is part of our CELESTINE collection. Its abstract shape takes inspiration from an evocative celestial body: the bright star Alhena, which is located at the left foot of the Gemini constellation. The name Alhena comes from the Arabic word الهنعه (Al Han’ah), usually translated as a […]