CADENCE light sculpture

Cadence light sculpture ceiling lamp led light shaped from folded metal mesh abstract contemporary art design by jacobsroom

Cadence takes its inspiration from the cadenza, an improvised ornamental solo played on a musical instrument or sung. In Cadence, light is sculpted by a delicate metal mesh which is doubled over on itself in a composition that allows LEDs or natural illumination to produce a continuously changing play of patterns. Suspended from the ceiling, […]


ALEA vertical telescopic shelf black limited edition minimal contemporary design by jacobsroom piece of art piece of art shelving display rack

ALEA is a telescopic shelf in limited edition, part of our BLACK RHYTHMS collection. ALEA has a distinct telescopic style; the eye-catching entity includes 5 shelves, each forged to a different geometrical shape, that offer the perfect place to store trinkets or other treasured pieces. Utilising powder-coated metal, the vertical structure exudes graceful fluidity, offering […]


MAIOHGI wall decor mirror with floating metal mesh fans in black terrazzo limited edition design by jacobsroom inspired by japanese tradition

MAIOHGI is a piece of wall decor inspired by the Japanese art of dance and meditation, where the movements of the fans highlight the gestures of the actors. The MAIOHGI mirror evokes this spectacle and translates the concept of an expanding fan into diaphanous segments of metal meshes invisibly attached to the mirror. Magnets hidden […]